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Chargebacks: Due to the increase in fraudulent chargebacks we’ve experienced throughout the entire duration of the pandemic we’ve hired a collections agency to put all fraudulent chargebacks into collections. All accounts in collections will also receive a 10% late fee every month.


  1. Go To Booking
  2. Select A Type Of Cleaning
  3. Select Frequency
  4. Select What Needs To Be Done
  5. If Needed, Select Extras. We Are Not Liable If No Extras Are Selected.
  6. Select Date You Would Like Us To Come Out
  7. Provide Your Information
  8. Key Information
  9. Payment Information
  10. Save Booking

How to determine if your home is “Slightly Dirty, Pretty Dirty or Very Dirty.”

  • If your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned within the last year, you should select “Very Dirty”.
  • If your home has been cleaned within the last 6 months, you should select “Pretty Dirty”
  • If your home has been professionally cleaned within the last 3 months, you should select ” Slightly Dirty “


  • Kitchen (clean sink out, counter tops, cabinet faces upper and lower, stove top)
  • All exterior surfaces in all rooms
  • Floors are mopped and vacuumed
  • Bathroom (complete toilet clean, shower, handles, tub, drain)
  • Bedroom (shelving, nightstands, bed frames, tidy up bed)
  • All window sills


  • All Extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost)
  • The extra time included in deep cleans allows for more detailed work in the above mentioned Do’s.

A deep clean is recommend for all first time cleaning by Klenen. It allows us extra time to get all the areas that have been missed during regular cleanings in the past. After the initial deep clean, most customers switch to a standard 2 hour clean.

Monday to Friday 8am-8pm
Saturdays 9am to 3pm
Sunday Offices are closed.
After hour support: [email protected]

You can check on your confirmation email or in your account area.

You do not! However if it’s your first time signing up for a Klenen cleaning, initial introductions always help develop the personable relationship with your home specialist.

Yes we are. We’re Licensed in California state and currently insured for up to 2M in general liability damage.

In some instances “Harsh” chemicals are strictly used on tough to clean areas. For example, a glass shower door with calcium buildup will require CLR to clean.

Yes! It is actually preferred after the initial visit. This way we’re not holding you up if there’s traffic or if parking is a little harder than usual to find.

Cleaners will always find more to do to clean up your home with the time you’ve paid for. If a cleaner does happen to leave early contact our offices immediately.

If you are not happy with the service for any reason please call us immediately for further instructions. A Re-scheduled clean must be made within 2 business days of the original appointment.

No, your provided card will be on hold 2 days before your appointment to secure the funds, to ensure all cleaners will get paid for service, and you will be charged after service is done.

You have to log in into the platform, and under the user icon you have to press “Deactivate account”

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