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We believe that your workspace and office should be a safe place where you, your employees and your business can thrive.

With Klenen’s commercial office cleaning services, we provide exactly that: a safe place to conduct business.

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We understand that as a business owner, you may have a lot on your to-do-list. That’s why our workplace and business office cleaning service provides a professional and welcoming workspace for employees, clients and customers alike. By cleaning your office and its common areas, we are able to get rid of dirt, grime, dust, cobwebs, and everything else in between; leaving a sparkling shine. Not only does this create a more positive and welcoming workspace, but it leaves a good first impression on customers and clients who visit.

At Klenen, our commercial office cleaning services are done using the latest cleaning technologies to achieve the most incredible results. Our team of highly-skilled technicians will go the extra mile to make sure they maximize your convenience and minimize your hassle. All this without putting a hold on your business operations. We have been proudly serving Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods since 2019.

What Office Cleaning Means To Klenen

We provide a full range of office and workspace cleaning services, including dusting and vacuuming floors and carpets, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, removing trash from desks or counter spaces, keeping common areas clean, and much more. We are also open to accommodate any needs and wants you may have in regard to keeping the workplace clean. Klenen is committed to providing outstanding customer service and incredible results. Hygiene is, and always will be, or number one priority when cleaning your office.

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Workspaces We Clean

We offer a wide variety of services that cater exactly to your needs. From small offices to large offices, we’ll get it all cleaned up. Our commercial office cleaning services are not limited to the below offerings. The Klenen team will work with you to ensure all of your workspace surfaces are spotless.

Small Offices

Large Offices

Common Areas

Shared Offices

Single Unit Offices

Conference Rooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly cleaning and maintaining commercial office spaces is a good idea. Not only does it keep the workspace clean, but it makes a great first impression.

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer multi-level cleaning services for high rise office buildings.

There is no fixed time frame and when to have workspaces and offices cleaned, however we strongly suggest a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to ensure a safe and hygienic workplace.

The best time to use our services is when your workspace, common areas and offices are noticeably dirty. Usually signs of dust, dirt and even webs are a good indication it’s time for a cleaning.

How long a job takes completely depends on the size of the space and how dirty it is before we start. Typically, you can expect our services to be completed within 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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